My children certainly do, but then, I talk with my children and explain the difference between reality and Hollywood. Miley is growing up and is making her decisions as an adult They should lighten up on her. We're cautious about what she watches. I am 22, and I guess you can say my gen. If not, it isn't Miley's job to teach her, or to be perfect to be emulated. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

1. The #MeToo photo shoot

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Miley is the meal ticket for several Disney Execs. Personally, i usually don't care about this stuff, but i think you all should give this girl a break. All them comments about the girl not been able to sing and not being pretty, and having no talent In my opinion, if a parent doesn't like what someone famous or not does and that act influences your child, well, be responsible and explain to your child what THEIR responsibility is. Parents need to take responsibility for what their kids watch, listen to, read, and do. Cook wrote on her Instagram that the backlash hit her emotionally. I am sorry, did I miss something?

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Yes, they did, and she was very much a minor. Once again, it is the parents responsibilty or is she just a normal teenager you got an unlucky break for the time. To say you want one, without scrutiny is the definition of selfish. She's a person, she has a right to defend herself and her actions. I don't think it's fair that you blame a young women for your lack of parenting skills. The parents are judgmental and likely to punish the kids grounding them or whatever and the kids have problems to resolve with them. Fox Sports notes many folks hated the Barbie edition, claiming it makes young girls feel even worse about their bodies.
Upton had said her body started to shut down from exposure to the elements. Though your kids may like to watch her it's your responsibility as a parent to help your kids interpret the good from the bad. It's only normal to feel the need to be different, even if it means negative attention. As a 23 year old I grew up with lots of "role models" out there who were more than skanky. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Even so, make sure she knows about proper methods of protection.

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